consultconsultAt novadynamix+ we take our role seriously. Our goal is to help you be game changers. At our first meeting we will have a conversation to explore and better understand what your organization is trying to accomplish and the challenges you are facing. We listen to you with no agenda or to “sell you” what we have as “off the shelf solutions”.

We want to understand your reality, help you identify gaps or roadblocks to success and why it is important to you right now. We ask you to tell us what success could be and if you aren’t clear on the ultimate goals, we will help you shape that.

We take that information and knowledge of assets you have already invested in and help you build out dynamic strategies and prioritize plans that lead your organization towards your vision and goals. Working closely with your people to develop their plans and actions which they are aligned with and they own. We have earned a global reputation of delivering excellence in many areas including:

Needs Analysis: Marketing Capabilities; Emerging Leaders; First Line Management; Second Line Management; Executive Development; Market Access; Key Account Management.

Curriculum Design: Leadership Development (all levels including partnership with Wharton and Harvard); Field Force; Medical Science Liaison; Market Access; Marketing; Legal; Corporate.

Coaching: Executive Level Coaching; Team Coaching and Facilitation; Individual; Marketing.

Additional Expertise: Strategic and Leadership Alignment; Executive Development Programs РGlobally and Nationally; Selling Skills Initiatives; Operational Launch Readiness; Webinars for Global Audiences; Measurement Technologies; Sales Force Design and Structure.